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One of the best Online Registered Quran Learning Institute since 2009
No Registration, No rating
Academy's Experience
With a collective experience of 14 years, we have had the privilege of imparting knowledge to over 10,000 students
Generator and UPS for power backup
No backup
Proper Feedback
FehmulQuran keep proper feedback on Monthly basis.
No Feedback
Internet Back-up
Maintain backup internet services by partnering with two top-notch providers for uninterrupted connectivity
No backup
Secure and safe environment for students
All sessions are conducted under the vigilant oversight of our management, ensuring a comprehensive system of checks and balances throughout
No supervision system
Qualified, Experience and well trained Tutors
MA Islamiyat, Scholars, Hafiz e Quran Professional tutor
Screening process before hiring the teacher
The HR department ensures that company requirements and policies are thoroughly reviewed before hiring a teacher.
No Screening system
Customer support
Round-the-clock customer support is accessible to assist with any inquiries or concerns.
No customer support
Monthly Progress Report
Sharing monthly progress report on monthly basis
No progress report
Multiple Mood of Payment
Credit/debit, Online banking, local bank transfer, Wise and all major mode of payment options available
local exchanges

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Alhamdulillah excellent classes and have learned to read with a beautiful recitation. They also have classes for kids and are available around the clock. Great service, highly recommended. Jazakallah
Sumraiz Mehmud
United States
My children have been with femulQuran for 2 years + and I have seen significant growth in their learning.. femulQuran is highly recommended . I will rate them 5 stars.
Adinah B. Jimber
The Academy is very professional. They are accommodating with schedules and the staff is easily accessible when necessary. Their rates are also affordable. I've had my son and daughter enrolled with them in the past.
Aisha Khan-Zeshan
United States
Great teachers and excellent service, teachers are always on time. My son is 11 years, living in USA. He is memorizing surah Yasin now.
Tamim Shohid
United States





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