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At Fehmul Quran, we believe that the Quran is not only a religious scripture, but also a guide for living a fulfilling and righteous life. Our mission is to help people around the world to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Quran’s teachings and how they can apply them in their daily lives. Our team is comprised of experienced scholars and experts who have dedicated their lives to studying the Quran and its teachings.


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Quran With Tajweed

Our Quran Reading With Tajweed Online Course for Children is here to make that dream a reality.

Quran Translation

We understand the importance of connecting children with the wisdom and guidance of the Quran. 

Quran With Tafseer

Join us in nurturing your child’s spiritual growth and building a strong foundation with the Quran. 

Quran Recitations

This course will captivate hearts and immerse participants in the beautiful melodies of the Quran.

Quran Memorizations

Our Quran Memorizations for Children program is designed to empower young minds.

Basic Islamic Education

In this course we introduce the core principles and teachings of Islam. It covers a wide range of topics.


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We have 50+ trained and certified staff for you.

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